1311 Demi Lopez

1312 Bailey Brooke

1313 Gina Valentina

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Bailey Jean. ITC Favorite 9:50

A video with a girl dressed like this might ordinarily been entirely about the jean shorts but we get quite preoccupied with an amazing boob tease for quite some time. Her cropped top gradually works it’s way up under jiggle power allowing her boobs to half spill out under the material. And then she lets them fall out completely revealing some of the best boobs on the site with some dangly boobie play. In the latter half we draw our attention down to the cut off jean shorts with her equally nice ass hanging out under the frayed edges. There’s a bit of panty posing to end the clip before she gets bottomless.

Anchors a Sway. 9:52

Now bottomless and wearing only her crop top pulled up over her boobs all of her best features are nicely revealed. The low angle front side views are pretty awesome with her gorgeous boobs dangling over you. Much of this clip is shot from low angles from both the front side and back side as she stands over you. Half way through she also removes the top to pose fully nude the rest of the way. There’s a few gymnastic type poses near the end with one leg pulled up high behind her.

Brooke Back Mounting. ITC Favorite 12:40

Bailey’s amazing posture comes to the fore in this clip as she poses in various ways that show off the crazy curves of her back. We hardly had to tell her to arch her back since it does this naturally anyways but when she deliberately arches her back the magic happens. There’s a decent smattering of the usual pussy and ass views throughout this video but spiced up with some back arching doggy style poses and sitting backwards on the chair poses. Thanks to her rubber posture you can look straight up her ass from below and still see her entire face in the picture as she looks back at you.

Fuckin' Slab Happy. 9:11

Bailey uses a knobby glass dildo while lying back on top of the wooden slab table. She also hangs her butt in the air in crab walk position for a large chunk of this video. She doesn’t get creamy or have any obviously real orgasm but it is a very good display of her assets in action.