121 Karlie Montana

122 Shy Love

123 Black Angelica

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Shy Love might not be the most suitable model we've even chosen for inthecrack due to her fake boobs and such but from the waist down she really is quite lovely. Her shaving is not quite perfect as there's a few small stray hairs.

Scene 1

Undressed for Dinner. 9:11

Shy Love poses in the formal dinning room wearing a beautiful blue dress. Eventually her dress gets pulled up and with no panties we spend the last half of this clip getting some nice views up her spread pussy and ass from behind.

Table Manners. 5:36

Now lying on her back with her naked ass on the dinning table glass Shy gets into some nice finger masturbation with a couple of fingers probing up into her pussy. Her shapely bum cheeks look particularly nice squirming against the glass as she fingers her pussy.

Polishing the Silverware. 4:59

While still lying on the glass table Shy proceeds to masturbate now with a heavy chrome dildo. There's a brief view from under the table looking through the glass. She pumps herself quite vigorously with the dildo until she comes to an enthusiastic though perhaps slightly dubious orgasm.

Pussy Crunches. 4:22

Shy uses a couple of fingers to open her vagina up for inspection. With her pussy all spread wide open we get right in close to watch as she flexes her pussy muscle making her vagina walls open and close. You can hear the gooey noises as her vagina walls repeatedly separate and come back together.

Ass on Glass. 10:13

This clip is shot almost entirely from underneath the glass table with Shy Love sitting on top. There's some very interesting and unique views up her pussy and ass with her lips and cheeks squished against the glass. At the end she gets off the table and teases you with her dress alternately covering and exposing her ass and we get some nice up the ass views.

Scene 2

Put your Butt out 8:01

While taking a cigarette break between scenes Shy casually strolls around the back yard pool frequently lifting her dress and showing off her ass. There's lot's of bend over poses and spreading it from behind. This clip gradually becomes more and more explicit as it goes until near the end where we are right up close in her spread open vagina. The camera is a little shaky but we do get a great inside vagina view with her pussy muscle repeatedly squeezing in and out.

Scene 3

Good from the Rear. 5:58

Shy Love poses in the bedroom in her pink bra and panties. There's a fair amount of panty teasing before she gets naked and then it's all spread pussy and ass ogling from there on. She sometimes bounces her ass and you get some nice open pussy views in between.

Pump and Squeeze. ITC Favorite 10:49

Now on the bed Shy begins to masturbate, first with just fingers and then with a vibrator. There's some really great up the ass views as she squirms around masturbating while lying on her front. Later with the vibrator she frequently pulls the toy out of her pussy and squeezes her pussy muscles. There's many excellent views showing both her vagina and anus squeezing in and out simultaneously.

Getting some Air. 5:55

This is all spread pussy and ass view with Shy Love lying on her front on the bed. There's several very nice close up inside views with lots of muscle flexing and also a brief close up anus view.