1298 Frida Sante

1299 Elsa Jean

1300 Jasmine Summers

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

You're Really Some Thin Elsa. 12:48

Angel face Elsa gives you a little peek of panties as she sits elegantly on the table and then starts revealing more and more. There’s a pretty decent close up face shot near the beginning of this clip. The first wow moment comes as she bends over and pulls her skirt up over her ass for the first time revealing a very shapely ass crack with just a lacy thong hiding the essentials. Later leaning back on the table she gives herself a panty wedgie with huge pussy lips spilling out around the material.

White Chick 'n Meat. ITC Favorite 9:09

With the panties now off Elsa shows off her enormous pussy lips using her hand to squeeze the thick meaty lips together. She has a really impressive bulge in her vulva whenever her legs are together with the thick lips sandwiched prominently between her thighs. At the midway point she straddles on her knees between the couch and the table giving a fantastic view up her bottom end from directly underneath.

Snag a Shag. 11:10

Elsa uses a black vibrating dildo to fuck herself while leaning back on the ottoman. In hindsight it might not have been the best choice of toy for her as it tends to snag on her anatomy in spite of lots of lube. That snag in the action aside you do still get a nice eyeful of beautiful big pussy lips getting penetrated and often hanging somewhat open whenever she takes the toy out.

What Elsa's Open? 2:48

This brief conclusion has some pretty nice pussy spreading as Elsa squats and uses two fingers to pry open her thick lips and making it gape.