1294 Nina Sunrise

1295 Lily Adams

1296 Layla London

Shoot Location: Russell, New Zealand

Scene 1

I Love Sandy Bitches. 18:13

This video starts with a clip that is not the typical inthecrack scene as this features almost entirely BTS style footage of the girl’s day at the beach before we started Lily’s actual shoot. The intro shot is sped up footage of the drive to the beach and then you see the entire crew of models walking along the beach to the shoot location. Beside Lily you also see Cherie, Jasmine and Gina in this footage. They spend most of their time just taking photos of each other while posing nude. The video quality is not quite up to our usual standard as this is just shot by a bystander with an iphone but it is at least still 4k and stabilized. There’s no close up pussy and ass in this and the poses are not always so sexy but it does show a little more genuine personality than a staged shoot.

I Beach you up. 14:33

This is the beginning of Lily’s actual solo shoot featuring some very elegant bikini and nude posing on a super smooth section of the beach. The quality is substantially improved here with beautiful colours and lighting. The second half of this is all nude posing with some of it on the bare sand and some of it on a beach blanket.

A Friggin' Nice Body. 7:02

While still lying on the blanket Lily gets into a finger masturbation / pussy rubbing session. It’s fairly brief but has some decent action and very nice quality footage on a beautiful day at a beautiful location.

Eye Nudist would Happen. 2:41

We see all 4 girls once again frolicking and goofing off in the waves at the water’s edge. This is shot entirely from a drone’s perspective so there’s no close ups but they are generally seen from a reasonable distance.

3D. 3D info 11:12

This 3D version video has content similar to the “I Beach you up” clip above. The 3D effect on the full body shots is a bit extreme and perhaps a bit out of whack at times due to experimental techniques.