1292 Gina Valentina

1293 Salena Storm

1294 Nina Sunrise

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Salacious Salena. 9:55

New model Salena is certainly one of the prettiest we’ve had in a while. She has a rather nice soft body figure and from the neck up she is quite stunning with a fabulous smile. She strips out of her purple bra and panty set fairly quickly and then spreads her booty in your face in standing and bend over poses. She ends up on her back on the ottoman spreading her legs and pussy for a graphic view of her naughty bits.

Storm Chaser. 6:06

Now outdoors Salena does a little bit of parading around beside the pool. The front side view is especially nice with her hips in prominent motion and an ever present smile on her beautiful face. On a few occasions she pauses to spread her ass in your face before resuming the walking motion. As much as these walking videos are about showing off the figure in motion, in this case it is her gorgeous face and smile that steal the show.

See ya Laid 'er. 8:24

Salena lies back on the reclining chair beside the pool and proceeds to fuck herself with a purple dildo. She is quite enthusiastic through most of this with a little bit of quivering coming in from time to time. The audio has lots of unavoidable city noises in it but not so much as to drown out the sounds of the model.

Eye Cunt get Enough. 4:56

The most explicit views come in this clip as she gives a little encore of pussy and ass spreading while first lying on her back with her legs spread high and then on her front with her ass jacked up. The video ends with a quick butt twerk in the bend over position and one more really nice ass spread with a bit of ass flicking.