1286 Karter Foxx

1287 Aria Alexander & Jenna Sativa

1288 Leah Gotti

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Jenna 'till Aria. 11:55

Both Jenna and Aria do a little solo strip tease each before the lesbian content of the following clips. Though they don’t quite get fully naked there is still some bare pussy and ass at the end of each girl’s solo performance.

Ocean Oglerphers. 24:25

With the two girls now together they quickly strip down and get into full on lesbian action. There’s a decent amount of bend over ass licking and a considerable segment of 69 action. There’s some occasional verbal interaction although their sound is often drowned out by the sound of the nearby waves crashing on the shoreline. Things get a little sweaty at times with the heat and humidity of the tropical location.

Down Bi the See. 11:26

This is a continuation of the lesbian action with relatively similar content. It starts with Jenna lying on her front getting a good ass licking from Aria. The action is then reversed with Aria bending over and getting her ass and pussy eaten out. The final position gets both pussies in view while Aria sits on Jenna’s face. The position gives an excellent unobstructed view up Aria’s bend over ass while she gets her clitoris sucked and licked.