1279 Candice Dare

1280 Mila Jade

1281 Amara Romani

Shoot Location: Palm Springs, California

Scene 1

Undie Scent Exposure. 10:59

After a brief tease in her form fitting dress Mila’s hemline comes up over her ass under the power of a bit of bend over twerking. We spend most of this tease clip admiring her bottom end with just a thong panty hiding the bare minimum.

Some Twat Jade did. 10:42

With Mila now fully naked we pay lots of attention to her bare pussy and ass. There’s plenty of up the butt views in the standing and bend over positions and generally including a lot of pussy spreading in the process. In the second half she lies back in the chair with her knees up and just pries her pussy open using two hands. She’s got a pretty impressive pussy spread with lots of vagina guts showing. It just gets more and more graphic as it goes until the last few minutes is all wide open gaping vagina.

Examine Asian. 8:38

Mila’s speculum scene has all variations of positions including the bend over pose and she even puts the speculum in sideways in the last few minutes. The inside lighting is exceptionally good even in the not so close up shots. At the end she shoots the speculum out of her pussy using just her vagina muscles and finishes it off with some more manual pussy spreading.

I'm China Cum. ITC Favorite 11:28

Mila uses a big plug in vibrator to work up to a big squirting orgasm. The build up is long and increasingly intense culminating in an impressive orgasm the likes of which we have not seen before. In the moments before her orgasm you can see her vagina pushing down and trying to turn itself inside out. Even her outer pussy lips start to bulge out under the pressure. Unfortunately the focus gets a little soft at the critical moment as we had to move back in a hurry to save the camera but the action is virtually unprecedented for orgasmic videos.