118 Rachel Starr

119 Kelly Kline

120 Karlie Montana

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Expect to see a very natural girl next door type with Kelly. She's not stunning but she certainly is talented and a good performer. She talks to you quite a lot, especially in scene 2.

Scene 1

Natural Bits. 5:07

In this quick strip tease Kelly introduces you to all her girlie bits. She briefly squeezes and massages her all natural boobs and then gets on her knees and pulls her panties aside to show her pussy and ass.

Cave of the Swallows. 7:22

Now completely naked Kelly lies back with her knees up and quickly starts spreading her pussy wide open. At times her vagina opens right up like a big cave with a reasonable amount of light reaching all the way down her rippling vagina walls into the depths. For a very brief moment you can even see part of her cervix, though it is out of focus due to shallow depth of field.

Prefucktual Agreement. 3:51

This is just a quick pussy rub with a little bit of finger dipping as she gets warmed up for the toy coming in the next clip. After a frigging her pussy for a short while she flips over onto her front so you have the up the ass view while she humps her fingers.

Rib Rub. 3:49

Kelly uses a little ribbed vibrating dildo to pump her pussy. There's several nice open pussy views in between penetrations. There is no climax in this clip as she is still just warming up for the real action in the next clip.

Seismic Activity. ITC Favorite 8:14

Kelly just jams the vibrator hard against her clitoris throughout this clip and has multiple shuddering orgasms. We momentarily escape the vises of typical porn here and get some thoroughly genuine action. There is no fake moaning, no contrived vocal theatrics, and in fact no acting. Kelly just concentrates on her own pleasurable sensations the way any normal girl would in private and has many quivering orgasms.

Sink Hole. 4:51

Now post orgasm Kelly just spreads open her pussy for some nice inside views. In the first half her pussy doesn't open up so wide yet the lighting is excellent and the views are spectacular as her slithering vagina walls squish together and move around with some muscle contractions. In the second half she gets on her knees with her ass in the air and 2 hands wrapped around behind spreading everything open. Now her pussy opens up really wide but it's mostly just a big black hole.

Scene 2

The Girls Next Door. 6:59

We spend this entire clip just ogling Kelly's rather spectacular tits as she entertains us with lots of boob bouncing and massaging. She talks to you a lot throughout this clip.

Cumming through Wet and Clear. 10:48

If you dream about girls in cum soaked panties you wont want to miss this one. Kelly lies back on the bed and shows you the giant wet spot that's developed on her panty crotch. She jams her vibrator against her clit again and has several more quivering orgasms, first with her panties still on and then with her panties pulled aside. She sometime digs her fingers into her vagina through her panties and her wet spot continues to get wetter and wetter.

Dining at the Wet Spot. 7:33

Kelly now peels off her panties giving you a good look at the wet spot on the inside of her panty crotch. She sticks her wet spot right in her face to lick and sniff and savour her her own pussy juice. Afterwards she stuffs her panties half way up into her pussy and slowly pulls them out and sniffs them again. Once again Kelly talks to you a lot through this clip.

She Bang. 5:28

Kelly now uses a large pink dildo to pump her pussy to a nice orgasm. First she just dabbles around for a while and shows you some open pussy views as the dildo comes out. Then she gets busy with lots of pumping action combined with fingers rubbing the clit until she cums. At the end she wipes her pussy juice off the dildo using her panties.

Pussy Parts. 4:28

Once again Kelly spreads her pussy open for your inspection. Though it's not a very wide spread it's still an excellent view with very good lighting. We spend some time ogling her open vagina and then move up to inspect her clitoris at super close distance. At the end she hangs her panties on your face with her wet spot right in front of your nose.