1273 Jasmine Summers

1274 Cherie DeVille

1275 Lucy Doll

Shoot Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

Cherie is back in ITC after a long absence, now by far the oldest model on inthecrack and still looking remarkable for her age.

Scene 1

Lawn Legged Beauty. 16:42

Cherie’s now vast experience certainly shows as she knows all the right moves to show off her assets in her super short shorts. Her big booty is almost always on full jiggle display in various bend over positions, crawling and general rolling around on the grass. She is almost constantly in motion and giggling and being playful throughout. She gets naked about half way through this clip leaving plenty of time to admire the bare pussy and ass as she continues frolicking on the grass. There’s one very interesting pile driver position that is perhaps quite unlike anything else seen on the site.

Double Down. 10:10

Now on the outdoor furniture Cherie gets busy with a glass dildo first working it in her pussy and then later in her ass. Her crab walk position for the pussy fucking has her ass hanging in an excellent viewing position close by over your face. It would appear she brings herself to a genuine orgasm as she vigorously rubs the dildo against her clit. She then moves onto her side/front to fuck her ass with the glass toy. For a little while she just rubs her pussy while the toy flops around in her ass hands free. Finally lying on her side again she pops the dildo in and out of her ass with her big butt curves domination the view.

The Greasy Knoll. 5:53

Now standing on the grass again Cherie dumps her entire bowl of lubrication oil all over her body with particular attention to her ass. On a few occasions she momentarily slips four fingers right up her ass. We later spray her with the garden hose which makes the water bead up on her oily ass.

Lawn Legged Beauty - 3D 16:28

This is the same footage as in the "Lawn Legged Beauty" clip above but in 3D. This is our first experiment with an alternate 3D shooting technique which has resulted in a bit higher quality (at least in the distant shots) and larger depth of 3D effect with the trade off that some of the grass in the foreground looks a little fucked up at times.

Double Down - 3D 9:40

Identical footage to the "Double Down" clip above but in 3D.

The Greasy Knoll - 3D 5:41

Identical footage to "The Greasy Knoll" clip above but in 3D.