1260 Uma Jolie

1261 Luna Star

1262 Alice March

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Porn Star Pair o' Ds. 18:34

Luna has changed her look quite a lot since the last time we shot with her. She now rocks the more stereotypical porn star look with her dyed blond hair and big fake boobs. While it’s not a look we would typically go for she makes it work quite nicely and her bright red mesh outfit fits the porno character perfectly. Her obvious best asset, her ass, gets the majority of our attention throughout both in her mesh bottoms and then fully naked. The colours are really rich and bright throughout this scene under clear blue skies and direct sunlight.

Exploding Star. 8:21

Luna lies back on the ottoman with her legs pinned back and fucks herself with a fleshy rubber dildo. She squirts repeatedly and quite profusely throughout this clip. It becomes quite graphic at times as her pussy muscles work hard pushing her insides almost outside when she cums. There’s a momentary bend over pose but she soon ends up back in the front side position and squirting some more.

I Wand an Encore. 3:07

She was quite spent with the first toy but felt she could squirt some more with a different toy. This is quite similar to the previous clip but with a heavy duty vibrator producing a few more squirts. It’s not quite as much as before but certainly still interesting as her pussy convulses and pushes hard when she cums.