1239 Cleo Vixen

1240 Layla London

1241 Maria Rya

Shoot Location: Palm Springs, California

Scene 1

Howd'ya like my Pads? 19:16

Layla does her strip tease and nude posing on an unusually low chair. All of her voluptuous assets get the bobbling and jiggling treatment. Her boobs get a little more attention than we would normally give to boobs simply because they are quite awesome. She gets fully naked half way into this clip leaving lots of time to inspect her bare pussy and ass. There’s a sizeable section of this with her ass hanging off the edge of the chair while she squeezes her lips together making a big pussy lip sandwich.

London in Gland. 8:32

Layla uses a blue rubber dildo while leaning back in the chair. Most of the time she hangs her ass off the edge of the chair giving a pretty awesome unimpeded view of her pussy and ass in action. She has nice little stream of cream pussy juice flowing from her vagina through much of this.

This Stuff Freaks me out. 6:38

The mood of this video changes considerably as Layla sticks something up her ass for the first time in her life. There’s lots of reaction and commentary and general freaking out over the new experience. Her toy is a pink rubber ball with a rubber string attached. Her ass is so tight that we had some trouble getting the ball back out of her ass.