112 Jassie

113 Giselle

114 August

Shoot Location: Calgary

We go back to the amateur models with this video. You're not likely to see Giselle anywhere else. Expect to see a little less fake acting and a lot more personality with Giselle than you would with the typical pro model.

Scene 1

The Inner Net. 13:05

Giselle enters the room wearing a black business suit with a short skirt and fishnet pantyhose and no panties on underneath. The first half of this clip is mostly tease with some nice leggy poses. She tugs her skirt through between her legs wrapping it tight around her butt cheeks and up her crack. In the second half we examine her lovely crack though her fishnet pantyhose. The seem fits snugly right up her butt crack until she pulls it aside to show off her spread pussy and ass. Her vagina even pops open momentarily. Near the end Giselle sits on a stool with her butt hanging off the edge while we look up her ass from below.

Mesh on the Floor. 5:43

Giselle gets down on the floor with her pantyhose pulled down around her thighs. There's lots of crawling and rolling around on the floor and a few really nice spread pussy views.

Interior Design. 4:08

Now lying on her back with her knees up Giselle just shows off her spread pussy throughout this clip. There's lots of beautiful close up views right inside the entrance of her vagina with clean puffy vagina folds dominating the view. We also focus on her tiny little clit briefly while she flicks it with her fingernail.

Scene 2

Piss n' Rinse. 0:51

Giselle takes a pee lying in the bathtub and then stands up to wipe the pee off her pussy and ass. The end of this pee is not seen due to a minor glitch. At the end of this clip Giselle squats in the tub and backs her ass up to the faucet to rinse her butt.

Scene 3

Chasing Giselle. ITC Favorite 12:30

Giselle brings quite a few new twists to the treadmill scene spicing it up with her own personality and lots of different kinds of action. She frequently walks on her toes with her ass sticking up in the air. She takes it all the way up to a run and then all the way down to a dawdle while spreading her pussy wide open from behind. She even walks backwards a couple of times. There's a little bit of behind the scenes type stuff at the end. We kept the camera rolling when she was done because her real personality comes out when she's not acting.

Scene 4

Peeping Tom. 0:40

We peep out the window and up Giselle's skirt while she takes a break on the balcony. Then she catches us in the act and takes in all in good humor. Her reaction at the end is priceless.

Scene 5

Finger Licking Good. 6:33

Giselle bends over wither her ass in your face and fingers her ass hole. She also gets down on the floor and fiddles with her moist pussy probing her fingers in and rubbing her hand all over her pussy. She must like the taste of her ass because her fingers frequently go straight from her ass hole to her mouth.

Scene 6

Urine Ass Hole. 2:09

Giselle sits on the edge of the bathtub to pee and we get right in the tub to look up her pussy and ass as it hangs right out over the edge. You'll see her ass hole pops out and protrudes quite prominently as she pushes her pee. This may not be appealing to some viewers.

Scene 7

Behind the Scenes with Giselle. ITC Favorite 3:36

There's not so much nudity in this clip, yet it may be the best part of Giselle's video, especially if you like a girl with lots of personality. There's a little but of dancing around and trying on clothes, and we also see her trying to pee (unsuccessfully). She frequently talks to you and generally displays good nature throughout this clip.