1206 Sapphira

1207 Jenna Sativa & Cindy Starfall

1208 Keira

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

This lesbian set starts out with a couple of quick solo teases giving a few moments to admire the girls sexy outfits before the real action starts.

Scene 1

Tighty White Tease. 6:45

Cindy’s dress is really quite long and yet it shows off her figure beautifully with a nice curve hugging tight fit. She looks totally hot in this outfit striking some really seductive poses and flashing her flirty face at you with a beautiful smile. There is no nudity in this but just a really seductive tease.

Bang 'n Hose. 6:27

Jenna’s skirt is much shorter than Cindy’s showing off her legs in her nude coloured pantyhose. At first you may not even be able to tell that she is wearing pantyhose until we move in close and she lifts her skirt up over her ass. You can clearly see her pussy and ass crack right through the seamless pantyhose as she wears no panties underneath.

Hose Lickin' Now? 18:59

The two girls start undressing each other and exploring each other’s bodies. Cindy’s first bend over nude pose packs a wallop with beautiful curves and well exposed girlie places. Cindy then spends a good amount of time inspecting Jenna’s pantyhose and licking her pussy and ass right through the transparent material. Jenna’s ass crack gets a slobbery licking as the pantyhose comes down and even her toes get sucked before the pantyhose come off completely.

Slitty Lickers. 23:40

The main course of lesbian action is all in this clip with a myriad of various pussy and ass licking adventures. The action goes both ways but it might be a bit better one direction than the other as Jenna’s authentic lesbian tendencies and talents combined with Cindy’s gorgeous ass makes for perhaps the best parts of the video. She digs her tongue literally up inside Cindy’s ass hole and you see it in beautifully clear close up shots. Towards the end almost none of Jenna’s make up remains on her face as it ends up caked all over Cindy’s ass instead.

Lez 'n Learned. 1:05

This is just a quick BTS clip capturing some of the wrap up after the scene is finished. Cindy wiggles her ass around and Jenna has a quick fondle of her butt.