1192 Antonia Sainz & Taissia Shanti

1193 Jemma Valentine

1194 Maria Rya

Shoot Location: Nanaimo, Canada

Scene 1

Nice of View Tub be here. 8:30

Jemma is quite chatty in this video, although the acoustics of the room make it a challenge to understand much of what she says. She bounces her way out of her top and does a little posing in her panties before getting naked. There’s a couple of minutes of bare bottom nudity and spreading at the end of this clip.

Getting Bead up. 18:32

Things get rather messy in this scene as she pours massage oil all over her body while posing in the bathtub. It’s nice footage for those who enjoy the sight of glistening skin all oiled up. A few minutes later she starts filling up the bathtub with water which of course all beads up on her skin because of the oil. The effect is rather unique and interesting especially on her boobs and ass, though the water in the tub becomes like a big oil slick. The last few minutes have some great ass views as she lies on her front in the water and bobs her ass up and down in the water. An off camera assistant adds a little more oil and water cascading all over her ass.

Shower is Purdy. 12:25

We shot Jemma taking a shower and shampooing her hair to get all the oil off after the shoot. There’s no studio lighting in this clip to avoid harsh reflections in the glass but the clarity is still very good. We get quite close in below her ass as she drips soapy water from her hair all down her ass crack. Then with her body all soaped up she presses her ass and boobs up against the glass giving another unique view of her cheeky assets.