109 Clara G

110 Alexis Love

111 Celina Cross

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

If you like really young looking girls they don't get much younger looking than this. Her youthful inexperience shows though as she seems unsure of how to play to the camera. Personality is a little lacking at times.

Scene 1

Teenie Tits. 7:19

Alexis might have the most flawless pert little titties we've ever shot for inthecrack. We spend this whole clip just admiring her youthful breasts while she squeezes them and jiggle them. There's a nice little segment with her breasts dangling when she bends over. Her expression is sometimes a bit blank but the tits are really gorgeous.

Go Flick Yourself. 8:29

This clip has a one track mind. It's all low angle views straight up Alexis' spread pussy and ass while she kneeds it, flicks her bum cheeks and spreads her crack wide open. She really has a beautiful shapely butt crack when she spreads it open. You'll notice when she spreads her pussy she has a little gathering of creamy pussy snot around the entrance of her vagina. We recommend watching this strictly for the gorgeous view and certainly not the personality because there is none.

Bums up Kneeling. 2:27

Alexis gets on her knees to show off her tail in the air. The main action is just a little bit of squirming as we ogle the lovely curves of her ass as they ebb and flow.

Young Pussy. 9:27

Alexis relaxes on the couch to play with her pussy. Her masturbation never really gathers much momentum as it's mostly just lots of pussy fiddling with occasional inside finger probing. We get a nice close up view with some attention paid to the clitoris.

Buzz n' Cream. 6:20

There's a little more genuine action in this clip as Alexis masturbates with a vibrating toy both on her clit and inside her vagina. It looks like this toy really worked for her because she starts oozing a long creamy stream of white girlie juice out of her vagina and down over her butt cheeks. You get a great view of all the action with your face down in front of her privates through the whole thing.

Open for Inspection. 5:08

This is almost all spread open pussy views with traces of creamy pussy juice still surging between her moist vagina walls. We also get a close up look at her flexing anus, which is partially flooded with pussy juice.

Scene 2

Bikini Car Wash. 10:46

Alexis washes the car wearing her her blue bikini (actually a bra and panty that becomes rather clingy when wet) but she quickly gets much more soap and water on herself than the car. Once again her pert little titties look amazing when she takes her bra off. She frequently runs soapy water down over her naked body and there's some very interesting views as the soapy water runs through her crack and off her clit.

Car, Babe, and Toy. 8:42

Now lying on the ground on a towel Alexis briefly pokes her pussy with the handle of a tire brush before moving on to a more conventional vibrating toy. Again there's hints of her creamy pussy juice flowing from her vagina but not as much as before.

Scene 3

Perty Nice. 11:02

Alexis' bathtub scene starts out with lots of special attention to her spectacularly flawless and youthful breasts. They really stand at attention and move like they're made of firm jello. She cracks a really nice smile looking really sweet and innocent while soaping and jiggling her titties. The first 4 minutes of this scene would be worthy of an inthecrack favorite, though the rest of it is a little more awkward. We get a nice up the ass view with Alexis kneeling on one knee. She also shows off her ass bobbing up and down in the water while lying on her front.