1163 Sapphira

1164 Sara Luvv

1165 Sara Luvv

Shoot Location: Mangonui, New Zealand

Scene 1

Nice Tub be Here. 21:11

Sara’s bra and panty set has an interesting design combined with some nice draping body jewelry for a stylish look. She’s also got some pretty heavy tan lines and sun burns from the previous day at the beach. The first half of this clip is a tease with the panties on followed by a second half of complete nudity and plenty of close up pussy and ass inspection. She spends quite a long time standing over your face giving a beautiful view straight up her bare ass from below. She ends sitting on the edge of the tub with her butt hanging out off the edge in an ideal position for a naughty view up her ass from below.

In your Streams. 4:59

Sara leans back in the tub and uses the hand held shower head as her toy for masturbation. She sprays a power jet of water on her pussy and gets quite excited by it.

Oh you Pour Bum. ITC Favorite 10:34

This is quite a long interlude from the masturbation with Sara just showing off her bum with lots of bend over posing and bobbing her ass up and down in the water. Then turned over on her back she jacks her pussy up out of the water and uses a small jug to pour water over her huge pussy lips. There’s quite a remarkable close up shot of this with her pussy lips bulging prominently between closed legs and glistening with streams of water. She returns to the doggy style position once again for a little butt shower with an off camera assistant dribbling water all down her ass and pussy.

Wash Twat Happens. 9:26

This is a little bit like the second clip above with Sara using the shower head once again. At first it’s less like masturbation and more like a gentle spray for a while as she sticks her butt up in the air giving a great view up her ass with the small stream running down her crack. Later she turns over on her back and turns up the volume on the shower head to bring on another climax to the action. This time she finger fucks her pussy at the same time as she sprays the water jet on her clitoris. Things turn a little goofy at the end with Sara having a bit of a playful moment to finish the video.