106 Christina Aguchi

107 Sarah Blake

108 Amber Rayne

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Sarah does have a few unfortunate bruises on her thighs in this video (not seen in pictures) so you're not going to see her in tip top shape but she's still one of the cutest babes in porn.

Scene 1

Shady Babe. 6:17

We see Sarah relaxing beside the pool in her stripy bikini. The boobs are the main focus of this clip as she pops them out and caresses them and tugs on her pencil eraser nipples. There is a brief butt cheek view as she tugs her bikini up her crack but there is no bottomless nudity yet.

Blue Sky, Open Rear. 12:23

Sarah stands up to show off her beautiful spread ass over your face. Her bikini stays on only briefly and then it's all naked spread private parts in your face from then on. This includes quite a lot of open pussy and her ass hole even pops open a little bit. The scene is quite beautiful as her spread open ass is framed by a beautiful blue sky and palm trees with excellent light filling in where the sun don't shine. In the last quarter of this clip Sarah poses on her knees with her ass in the air. Sarah has about the most prominent perineum ridge we've ever seen on any model. In other words she has an extra fold of skin between her vagina and anus which is front and center and rather obvious throughout this clip. You'll either love it or hate it.

Sarah n' Dipity. 14:55

Sarah lies back on the deck chair and plays with her pussy first using fingers and then using her purple rubber dong. She takes it pretty slow for most of this and then builds more enthusiasm towards the end as she pumps herself to a nice orgasm.

Lip Zip. ITC Favorite 7:34

We take some time to just admire Sarah's plump pussy lips up close as she squishes them between her fingers. There's lots of excellent close up views with her gooey pussy lips bulging and slithering between her massaging fingers. In the second half of this clip we dive in even closer to ogle right up her vagina while she spreads it open with 2 fingers.

Scene 2

Survivor Solo. 14:47

On a set vaguely resembling something you might see on the TV series "Survivor" Sarah does a little tease, strips from her jean skirt and panties, and plays with her pussy. The audio in this entire scene (including the following 2 clips) is completely dominated by the waterfall in the background.

Finger Dipping Good. 16:13

Sarah has a really thorough pussy fondle with lots of finger dipping and pussy rubbing. She poses squatting with her ass off the ground and leaning back with her pussy right in your face to see all the action. Later she lies flat on her back with her knees up and then flips over onto her side while still fiddling with her pussy. There's a great close up view of her pussy lips wrapped around her finger as it flicks through the length of her slit and pokes out the other end.

Clearly a Big Fuck Up. 8:44

Sarah introduces a rather enormously long clear dildo into this scene and proceeds to pump herself with 2 hands firmly gripping the big dildo until she comes to a nice orgasm. Afterwards there's a nice pussy view as she squishes her pussy lips with her fingers.

Scene 3

Lazy Bum. 7:04

We follow close behind to get a nice ass in motion view as Sarah walks around the back yard until she ends up on the hammock with her ass swinging back and forth into your face. The video ends with more close up ass spreading and wobbling and her vagina and anus pop open just a little bit. Once again her extra perineum folds are prominent here.