1130 Tracy Gold

1131 Kalina Ryu

1132 Megan Rain

Shoot Location: Rancho Mirage, California

Scene 1

Hose Looking Now? 28:06

Kalina takes a long time parading around in her silky black seamless pantyhose. With no gusset lining all of her girlie places are clearly seen right through the material. Her moods fluctuate between slow sensual posing to moments of giddy playfulness. Though trying to be sensual and erotic she just can’t help letting her true personality burst out from time to time in flourishes of jovial exuberance, particularly in the latter half of this clip.

She's Friggin' Hyper. 3:14

With all clothing items now off Kalina gets down on the floor and starts rubbing her pussy. She has a certain vigour and intensity to her masturbation that few other models can match.

Korean out of Control. ITC Favorite 27:09

We let Kalina just be herself and do whatever comes naturally with our dildo mounting contraption. She really goes crazy with it fucking the toy with reckless abandon and unbridled vigour and passion. To say that she performs this scene with enthusiasm would be an understatement. This may even be the single best performance on the site to date. There’s little doubt that she really genuinely loved the toy as she talks glowingly about it between bouts of action and she keeps coming back to it for another go. Every time she gets off the toy she is positively giddy with excitement and just when you think she is done she keeps coming back for yet another session of vigorous fucking action. During one of her breaks from the toy she gets distracted with rubbing her pussy and ends up totally fist fucking her pussy. There’s quite a lot of talking throughout this video, though she is so giddy that a lot of what she says in unintelligible but the gist of what she is saying is pretty clear. If we were giving out awards for best performance this one would win.