1106 Tracy Gold

1107 Mandy Muse

1108 Vanessa Veracruz

Shoot Location: Palm Springs, California

Scene 1

Big Bum Theory. 11:12

Mandy’s shorts are not the skimpiest but her ass is so big that she still spills out beautifully. We spend a little bit of time admiring her upper section as she flirts with a slinky chain mesh top that just hangs loosely over her boobs and you can totally see through. Our attention then drifts down to her ass as she virtually jiggles while standing still. The shorts come off with several minutes remaining making way for a nice panty tease with lots of natural jiggle in the ass cheeks.

Junk Dealer. 11:33

Mandy gets naked now and we spend the majority of this clip just soaking in her voluptuous pussy and ass. There’s standing poses both front and back and a very nice bend over pose. She has certainly got a lot of junk in the trunk allowing for some really big curves to pop in your face and a lot of jigglyness that comes along with it. The last few minutes is all about spread pussy as she lies back with her legs up and pries her vagina open with two hands.

Get off on the Grind Floor. 10:21

Mandy plays with a mounted dildo on the floor first stuffing it lengthwise in her ass crack before lubing up and sliding it into her pussy. You get the reverse cowgirl perspective of her big jiggly bum humping the dildo. There’s some very interesting close up views as she slowly slides up and down the pole while pushing her ass out in your face.

Jiggle Patrol. 7:40

With such a big jiggly ass we obviously had to get Mandy showing off her body in motion walking back and forth beside the pool. The first half of this is with the shorts back on and then later she does the walk completely naked.

Scene 2

Orange is the Nude Back. 4:47

Many’s bright orange dress gets pulled up almost right away giving you some nice up skirt and bare ass cheek tease with big jiggles bouncing around a tight orange thong in her ass crack. She gets completely naked in short order to spread her fat ass in your face.

I Musing my Favourite Toy. 9:30

Mandy uses a big plug in vibrator to buzz herself to an orgasm. It takes a while with the toy jammed hard against her clit though she manages to do it in a way that hardly blocks any of the view of her pussy. There’s a pretty awesome bend over pose at the end of this clip with amazing curves bulging in your face.

Eye Wander. 0:54

This is just a quick snippet of Mandy walking around and showing her jiggly bum in motion.