1081 Nina Sunrise

1082 Vanessa Veracruz & Aidra Fox

1083 Vicki Chase

Shoot Location: Whangarei, New Zealand

Scene 1

Chick Licks Chewing Bum. 23:40

The primary focus in most of this video is lots of ass licking. After Vanessa has a short go at Aidra’s ass the action turns around and Vanessa gets her ass thoroughly eaten out for a long time. There’s smaller segments of pussy licking but the attention always comes back to the ass. You’ll love the way Vanessa squirms her ass in Aidra’s face with her tongue sliding all up and down her ass crack. There’s a very nice close up view right in Vanessa’s super smooth ass crack with a tongue working up it. The last 3 minutes has Vanessa on her back getting her pussy eaten out to a climax.

Ass Lick Place. ITC Favorite 10:29

The girls reverse the action and Aidra gets her ass totally eaten out for 10 straight minutes. This time they never deviate away from the constant ass licking. There’s some amazing close up ass crack views with Vanessa’s tongue flicking over Aidra’s ass hole and even digging up inside it. Somehow we managed to get this without blocking any of the view or the light.

On a Wild Fox Cunt. 6:52

Aidra turns onto her back now to get her pussy eaten out. There’s quite a lot of vocal fireworks, maybe too much, along with all the pussy licking. Vanessa gives her quite a vigorous pussy eating session with a combination of full pussy eating and some more concentrated action on the clitoris. You can see Aidra’s clit standing out at attention under the powerful flicking of Vanessa’s tongue. At the end the girls just pose back to back on their sides showing off the pussy and ass one more time to end it.