1074 Naomi Nevena

1075 Lauren Crist

1076 Coco Rose

Shoot Location: Zakynthos, Greece

Scene 1

Walk with Crist. ITC Favorite 8:56

Lauren looks pretty sophisticated in her elegant one piece bathing suite and sun hat. The focus here is on her figure in motion as she walks back and forth against the beautiful Greek Island background and bright blue sky. After several length of the patio she quickly removes her bathing suite and hat to continue the walking scene completely naked. The first views of her naked body are quite stunning, especially in the front view, with beautiful curves and flawless skin.

Dot your Tease and Cross your Eyes. 11:16

Now posing on the other side of the pool with her bathing suite back on Lauren does a more thorough tease allowing us to scan all over her body before the outfit comes off. She spends some time with her top pulled aside and fondling her boobs. The close up bottom view shows her outfit being really tight around her pussy and ass with a nice bulge around her pussy lips.

Lauren Order. 19:09

This is all nude posing with some initial full body shots and then followed by a lot of close up pussy and ass inspection. There’s a couple of prolonged butt spreading segments in both the standing and lying down positions. Also especially nice is the low angle front side view with her pussy hovering over your face and her face and boobs in the background with her skin glistening in the sun. Later she turns onto her back with her legs in the air together displaying the beautiful curves around her ass with her pussy bulging out in the middle. There’s a little bit of pussy fiddling in the last few minutes though it never really comes to masturbation.

Smooth Fuckin Moves. 12:55

Lauren’s dildo masturbation scene starts out with a pretty slow pace as she just sensually rubs the toy round her pussy and dips it in a few times. She gradually becomes more and more active getting into some proper fucking action while lying on her back and side. Half way through she changes her position so that her butt is hanging clear off the edge of the chair allowing for a beautiful butt view with increasing pussy juice and a nice squirming motion.