1072 Ariana Grand

1073 Taissia Shanti

1074 Naomi Nevena

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

You got it all Thong. ITC Favorite 19:15

Taissia’s short dress barely contains her ass and furthermore her tiny thong panties barely contain her big meaty pussy lips allowing for some easy upskirt views. Her first bend over pose practically shows all of her anus with the tiny thong string barely covering anything. After the initial posing she spends much of the rest of this clip teasing with her panty thong letting the lips spill out and tugging the string up into her slit between bulging lips. The rear views give a very nice ass tease with the string often virtually engulfed in her anus. After taking off the panties she still plays with them rubbing them against her lips and even stuffing them up into her vagina. There’s a brief bit of foot tease in the last minute as she takes off her shoes.

Getting Bed Nudes. 6:17

Taissia moves onto the bed to show off her nude body with a lot of bend over posing and several positions lying on her side and front. There’s lots of bulging thick pussy meat to get lost in for those who love big pussy and a quite prominent anus to match.

Twat ya Watchin'? ITC Favorite 8:27

Taissia turns onto her back and opens up her big lips giving you a close up view inside her vagina. It’s a very explicit view with a lot of details to explore including puffy vagina walls squirming around under manipulating fingers and all surrounded by thick bulging pussy lips. In the last few minutes she turns to a bend over pose and continues spreading her vagina.

She's a Gold Digger. 9:59

Taissia fucks herself with a gold vibrator first in a bend over position but then lying on her back for the majority of the clip. The toy, though a moderate size, actually seem pretty small in her big pussy. Once again her big pussy lips are the star of the show with thick meat bulging and flapping around under the probing toy.

Hands up or Oil Taissia. ITC Favorite 3:51

Taissia shows that her pussy is pretty big on the inside too as she lubes up her hand and instantly buries it all the way up her pussy. It is impressive how easily she repeatedly pulls her hand all the way out of her pussy and sinks it straight back up her vagina all the way to her wrist. There are also several moments where she yanks her pussy wide open using four fingers from one hand.

Dug and the Plugs. 5:37

Now the ass gets all of the attention with a little bit of finger action and then she uses a gold butt plug. She repeatedly pops the plug in and out of her ass sometimes allowing her anus to gape just a little bit when it comes out.