1040 Sabrina Banks

1041 Lindsey Olsen

1042 Coco Rose

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Olsen Twin gone Bad. 19:07

Lindsey arguably looks even better in her sexy red dress than she does out of it. Bearing a passing resemblance to the more famous twins of the same name she may spark some naughty fantasies to fans of the latter. She takes her time posing in the dress and looks mighty fine doing it before stripping down to her panties 12 minutes in. We see a very nice bend over pose with the panties pulled aside and two hand spreading the cheeks apart.

Show 'n Tail. 10:34

This is mostly all bare pussy and ass viewing with some standing butt spreads and some bend over posing on her knees and finally lying poses on the bed. You cannot help but notice her well polished fingernails as they are frequently in the shot while spreading her ass. Her poses lying on her front in the last few minutes give a fantastic view up her butt including a more intimate ass crack view as she caresses her anus with one finger.

Cunt Play the Fiddle. 4:48

Now lying on her back Lindsey occupies herself with a little bit of pussy fiddling and light rubbing on her clitoris. Half way through she turns back onto her front giving the view up her ass once again while rubbing her pussy. You likely wont be sold on any real orgasm here but the scene is all very nice with undulating curves squirming and girlie bits out in the open.

Fuckin' Glass Hole. 12:14

There’s some very nice anal fingering to bookend the beginning and end of this anal masturbation scene. In between she uses a knobby glass toy to properly fuck herself in the ass. Initially her pose is lying on her side and then she turns onto her front with the legs wide open. Both poses make the best of revealing up the ass views and include some close ups right in her ass crack.