1028 Christiana Cinn

1029 Dakota Skye

1030 Alexis Brill

Shoot Location: Palm Springs, California

Scene 1

On Sight a Mini Tease. 5:49

Tiny Dakota’s bra and panty posing doesn’t show much nudity but there are hints of the surprise she has waiting inside her panties. You may initially think she lacks curves but when she bends over she reveals a beautifully shapely undercarriage.

Gorge Bush. ITC Favorite 9:25

Dakota’s panties peel down around her thighs to reveal a gorgeous pussy and ass crack with a fluffy blond dusting of pussy hair. Not many models come with a bush now days but as bushes go this is surely one of the prettiest. Her bush is not so thick as to obscure any of the details of her pussy yet fully covers her lips while remaining tidy. She has truly gorgeous thick pussy lips that bulge prominently as she squeezes her fingers around them. There’s also some very nice pussy spreading at several points throughout this video.

Twat you Looking at? 0:39

This is just a brief outtake of Dakota inspecting her pussy in the mirror.

When Bush cums to Shove. 5:22

Dakota’s finger masturbation session involves a combination of pussy rubbing and fingers dipping up her ass hole. There’s a beautiful close up butt crack view with Dakota lying on her front and dabbling finger up her ass.

Driving into South Dakota. 5:33

The masturbation becomes entirely anal with the addition of a pink rubber dildo. She fucks her ass in multiple positions and finally adds a bit of pussy rubbing to bring the action to a climax. At the end there is once again an excellent close up ass crack view with Dakota lying on her front.

Small Talk. 10:18

Dakota participates in a BTS interview with an off camera crew voice asking her many different questions. There’s not much pussy and ass viewing in this clip but it will be of interest to those who like to get to know the girl a little it.

Scene 2

Skye Piss Down. 0:46

Dakota takes a pee while squatting and hovering over the bathtub. She can’t help but giggle at herself for peeing in front of the camera.