1005 Holly Anderson

1006 Alexis Brill

1007 Keisha Grey

Shoot Location: Zakynthos, Greece

Scene 1

Breezy Brill. 21:38

With a beautiful blue sky day and a fresh sea breeze Alexis shows off her form in a tight and very short pair of shorts. There’s a fair amount of walking back and forth in the first part as she uses the terrace as her runway. Your view takes in not only her figure in motion but also the quite stunning view of the Greek islands in the background. When she gets down on her front on the deck chair the focus is squarely on the ass of her shorts with her curves barely contained inside them. Then standing again she does a very nice job of removing her shorts in the sexiest way with beautiful form. She poses for quite a while wearing only her thong panties culminating with a nice panty tease while standing over your face. In the front view she flosses her pussy lips with the panties pulled up in her lips and then she turns around to pull down her panties giving you a beautiful introduction to her bare spread ass.

Bits Sun Pieces. 13:02

This is all nude posing beginning with a naked stroll back and forth on the terrace. She does a very nice Captain Morgan pose on the end of the terrace offering a great view up her ass from underneath. Later on she gets down on her front on the deck chair and offers up some close up views up her sun bathed ass crack. Then on her back with her legs spread high in the air she shows off her pussy with a little bit of hand manipulation and light spreading. At the end she has a rather bashful but brave moment as she stands up naked in full view of a passing tourist boat.

Cum to Greece. 13:33

Alexis uses a purple vibrating dildo while lying back on the deck chair. There’s a few different poses including a great up the butt view as she lies on her front humping her pussy up and down against the vibrating toy. Perhaps the best of this scene has her squatting off the edge of the chair with her butt hanging in mid air giving a brilliant view up her pussy and ass from below.