1003 Lindsey Olsen

1004 Sabrina Banks

1005 Holly Anderson

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Banks for your Interest. 10:53

Sabrina wears a quite interesting looking sparkly black dress that only just covers the essentials top and bottom. The first look up her butt with the dress pulled up is quite stunning with only a slim thong in the butt crack and very shapely tight buttocks hanging out. The butt tease that fills out the remainder of this clip reveals some surprisingly nice underside curves for a slim girl and you get a couple of glances at her bare pussy and ass as she pulls the thong aside.

Barely Legal. ITC Favorite 11:06

The panties come off right away and we spend this entire clip just admiring Sabrina’s beautiful naked pussy and ass. Her bend over posing is quite awesome showing off her best angle with her beautiful undercarriage well exposed. There’s also an excellent squatting pose with her naked pussy and ass sitting almost on your face. Towards the end she crawls back and forth on the couch beautifully displaying her bare ass undulating in the air.

Cumming in Turd Place. ITC Favorite 6:51

The close up shots in this anal scene are really super crisp with every pore and goose bump glistening in the light. She starts lying on her side and then moves to lie on her front with one leg forward. Both poses give excellent views up her butt with the slim toy poking up her ass hole and sometimes coming out to show off her anus. The action comes to a climax with the addition of the other hand rubbing her pussy. She really has excellent posture with her ass thrust out behind her offering some fantastic unimpeded views up her rear end.

Intense Clitigation. 6:29

Now sitting at the desk Sabrina has a brief fiddle with her pussy before picking up the hitachi vibrator and going at it while lying on top of the desk. She really rattles her pussy with the powerful toy bringing on some pretty intense action with uncontrolled quivering and twitching around.