1000 Lexa

1001 Vanda Lust

1002 Aidra Fox

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Vanda Wear Model. 11:27

Vanda’s red polka dot bra and panty are prominently featured in this strip tease video first while standing and then lying on the bed. The panties are of the thong variety leaving plenty of ass cheek hanging out. Her pose lying on her front with her legs together beautifully shows off the shape of her long legs and butt. With her ass in the air she teases using her thong to rub against her pussy lips giving a sneak peek of the private parts. There’s a couple of minutes of bare bottom nudity at the end with her ass up high in the air while bending over on her knees.

A Bouquet of Poses. 6:01

This is just all nude posing with Vanda’s immaculate pussy and ass out in the open for examination in several positions. Her undercarriage looks like it was moulded for a sex doll with all the private parts super clean and tidy.

Get Lust. 6:19

Vanda has a light pussy rubbing session while lying on her back on the bed. Though she has a couple of enthusiast moments it is unlikely that there’s any real orgasm in this. It’s all very pretty with a beautiful ass well displayed in front of your face with her face often seen in the background. Later she turns onto her stomach with her legs wide open giving you the view straight up her ass while she rubs her pussy from underneath.

Vanda Full Stuff. 9:45

There’s lots of very pretty penetration footage in this dildo masturbation clip. Her flawless bare pussy lips look amazing wrapped around the clear rubber dildo. Most of the time she remains lying on her back but she also props herself up in a crabwalk position for a short while giving a great view of her underside hanging in the air while she fucks herself.