833 Breanne Benson

834 Lola Foxx

835 Cassie Laine

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Back in Black. 9:24

Two things which are instantly striking about this video are the long and luxurious mane of thick silky hair and the amount of thick jiggly booty packed into her short tight fitting black dress. She is almost always either throwing her hair around or flaunting her big juicy butt in your face throughout this strip tease.

Lola and behold. ITC Favorite 8:49

Now with all the clothes off Lola does some fantastic bare bottom ass wiggling and jiggling. The full body views show off her great figure with some excellent rear view poses. There's a little bit of walking in this clip as well as she strolls into the kitchen and back a couple of times showing off her big booty in motion. There's no doubt she looks amazing from the back side and we take full advantage of it here with 90% of this clip shot in the rear view.

Fun Raiser Chair Tease. 7:16

Lola sits backwards on a chair showing off the amazing curves of her back flowing into the big round bulbous curves of her ass. Of course we also get the underside view with her bare butt hanging out in mid air over your face. In the second half she sits on a glass coffee table giving you the naughty view from underneath with her pussy lips mashed against the glass.

The Foxx Trot. 8:27

Lola's walking video shows off her curvy figure in motion from the back and the front and even from underneath. The walkway is a very unique glass bridge allowing for some amazing underside views from the floor below. You will see some very unique perspectives not typically seen anywhere else.

Rub on Rug. 7:23

Lola gets down on the rug to masturbate using just her fingers. There's positions lying on her front and on her back with pussy rubbing throughout but no apparent orgasm as it ends a bit abruptly.