696 Arial Rose

697 Lena Nicole

698 Anneli

Shoot Location: Russell, New Zealand

Scene 1

Skirt 'n Flirt. 11:55

Lena's short little sun dress flows around her ass quite freely hiding not very much when you get a low angle view. It's not long before she has it hiked up showing off her silky smooth ass cheeks in her pink lacy panties. Then with her panties off there's some more very sexy upskirt views and she eventually ends up spreading her bare pussy and ass in your face with nothing left to the imagination. In the last few minutes she gets on the bed and displays the flawless perfection of her pussy and ass with several very revealing poses.

Rubber Bucky. 3:48

Lena's finger masturbation is pretty brief but involves some nice squirming motion with her fingers vigorously rubbing circles around her clitoris.

De Side what you Want. ITC Favorite 3:21

With the action subsided Lena returns to just showing off her gorgeous undercarriage with a really awesome position lying on her side. Though not particularly involved, visually it is quite stunning with outstanding close up views to soak your brains in the most gorgeous pussy and ass.

Put a Feather in your Crack. 8:30

Lena bends over and offers up her ass for a little ass tickling session with feathers. Her bend over ass wobbling is both subtle and beautiful. We do get right up close in her ass crack to admire her spectacular anus as the feather flicks over it. This may be the most flawless ass crack ever without even the slightest hint of a blemish anywhere.

What a Blast. 2:44

This little outtake of unplanned fooling around turned out to be quite erotic. One of the crew (off camera) blasted Lena's pussy and ass with a compressed air can and she actually quite liked it. You can see her pussy lips flutter in the air blast and her anus gets a quick blast as well.

Prism in Mate. 10:35

Lena gets busy with a knobby glass toy with one hand pumping it in her pussy while her other hand vigorously rubs her clitoris. After some enthusiastic action she turns over onto her side and she dabbles the glass toy in her ass hole. The anal action is much more slow and sensual with excellent close up views. You see all the crystal clear details of her flawless anus winking in your face as the toy comes out of her ass.