066 Sophie Paris

067 Angelina

068 Sandra Shine

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

If you're looking for big pussy and seriously hard core content then this is the video for you.

Scene 1

Busting Out. 4:51

You first see Angelina leisurely brushing her hair while sitting on the couch. She's wearing a black corset with her enormous boobs virtually spilling out the top. Unfortunately they are fake but if you don't mind that they are at least big. Pretty soon she peels out of her corset and drops the panties for a little sneak peek at the girlie bits you are about to explore.

Wrist Workout. 10:18

Angelina lies back on the couch and vigorously frigs her big open sloppy pussy with 2, 3, and 4 fingers sometimes buried all the way up to the last knuckle. It should be fairly evident at this point that she's certainly not a virgin.

Hard Oiled Egg. 11:03

Angelina continues her masturbation session now with the addition of a golden vibrating egg. She just jams it against her clit for a while as she continues to dip and dabble in her open pussy with her fingers. Then she sinks the egg up her pussy several times. Her pussy is so big the egg could virtually fall in and out of her vagina. Towards the end she also stuff the vibrating egg all the way up her ass until you just see the cord coming out of her bum hole.

Ebb and Flow. 4:23

After a quick little pussy rub Angelina gets all her fingers in there to spread her pussy open for some great close up views inside her vagina. Once she gets her fingers out of the way you're treated pretty nice squishy vagina view with her milky pussy juice surging around amongst her rippling vagina walls.

Scene 2

Necturine Bowl. 1:43

Angelina takes a pee on the floor squatting on all fours over a glass bowl. Your view is from behind and for some of it your face is virtually right in the bowl with her leaking pussy.

Scene 3

Taking it all in. 11:47

Angelina does a quick strip out of her black bra and panties on the bed and then thoroughly works her pussy over with a ribbed glass dildo. You'll see that in spite of the dildo's size she manages to take it all in to the hilt. At the end she once again buries her 4 fingers all the way up her gooey pussy to the last knuckle.

Butting In. ITC Favorite 12:40

Ass hole fans take note - there's some pretty fantastic ass penetration footage in this clip. While lying on her side Angelina has a seriously thorough dig up her ass with 1 finger, 2 fingers, 3 fingers, and even 4 fingers going ALL the way up her bum hole. She sticks her fingers all the way up her bum until there's no more finger to go any further. Besides the full penetration with lots of fingers there's also some close up footage with just one finger dabbling around in her ass so you can actually see her anus. There's some pretty nice camera angles and you sometime see her face at the same time even though her ass is only inches from your viewpoint.

Plug n' Gasp. 9:25

Now Angelina uses a smaller glass dildo up her ass. She gets on her knees with her bum in the air and sinks the glass dildo all the way up her ass. She then wraps her hands around behind her ass to spread her vagina wide open with the dildo still buried up her ass. We get right in close to view her open vagina moving around and opening and closing. If you turn up the volume you'll hear her vagina breath gasping air in and out.

Scene 4

Back Piddle. 0:55

Angelina takes a pee squatting backwards over the toilet bowl. You have a face full of ass with her thick stream noisily splashing in the toilet.

Scene 5

Angelina's Jolly Pee. 1:20

Angelina pees lying flat on her back in the bath tub with her legs up and her thick stream whizzing by your left ear. It's pretty evident she was having a good time with this one. Nice lighting on this clip.

Scene 6

Enemation. 6:01

Here's some pretty extreme stuff that we don't normally shoot. If you want to watch a girl cleaning out her ass hole then here it is (it's all clean and nice with no unexpected nastiness). Standing in the bath tub Angelina uses an enema bottle to squirt water up her ass several times and then you watch as she quirts it all back out. At the end she even squirts a clean stream of milk out of her ass hole. Surprisingly she kind of enjoyed herself doing this. There's some nice face shots mixed in with this footage.

Scene 7

Mega Pussy. ITC Favorite 5:12

This was supposed to be a pee scene but after a half hour of trying she just couldn't do it. This might have otherwise been totally wasted footage except that we got something totally unique and unexpected. In her focussed attempts to pee her pussy virtually fell inside out. Well not literally, but a good portion of her huge pussy came sinking out of her vagina opening. Definitely do not view this if you like tight little pussy slits. It's like a big blossoming flower. This is pretty freaky and totally awesome if you happen to like big open pussies with a whole lot of vaginal folds to ogle.

Scene 8

Loo with a View. 2:43

Angelina takes a pee sitting down on the balcony deck with busy city streets in the background. There's a close up view of lube and goo dripping out of her pussy before the pee starts. The lighting is a little awkward at times but you wont miss anything.