527 Rebeca Linares

528 Tiffany Thompson

529 Kala Ferard

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

The Thompson Twins. 4:46

The first thing you will notice with Tiffany is her amazingly good looks from the neck up. As our gaze moves down you soon see that she is not just a pretty face. There's a beautiful boob tease with her youthful tits showing through the fabric of her dress. It is obvious from the jiggles showing through the dress that she has no bra underneath. She soon pulls her tits out to play and you get a nice eyeful of bare boob fondling and jiggles as she flicks her fingers over her boobs.

Crackfest at Tiffany's. 14:02

Tiffany pulls her dress up to reveal that she wears no panties either and we spends a good long time just gazing up her bare ass while she spreads her pretty places open. There are also large segments of hands free posing with unimpeded views of pussy and ass in their natural position. There's a varied selection of positions including standing, bending over and lying on her side and front, all with excellent views up her ass and a number of open vagina views. The final position lying on her front features some fantastic close up views right in her ass crack.

Mauvey Dick. ITC Favorite 18:52

This dildo masturbation scene has some amazing close up spread pussy views both at the beginning before the masturbation and at the end after the masturbation. The middle section features the dildo masturbation action which starts mildly enough but soon turns very interesting with an ever increasing smear of pussy juice gathering around her vaginal opening. We get some really beautiful gooey pussy views when she turns onto her side to continue fucking her pussy with the toy. After she is finished with the toy you will see some really awesome close up spread pussy shots, some with gooey pussy juice smeared everywhere and later fully clean and bare.