309 Michelle Maylene

310 Zuzana Z & Iris

311 Samantha Ryan

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

We put 2 of the best performers together for this video and the results are quite compelling. There is certainly no faking here.

Scene 1

Czech Mates. 22:21

The girls quickly get naked and the action begins with some nipple licking. Zuzana gets her ass eaten out for a short while before she chows down on Iris's thick meaty pussy for quite a long time. There's some very nice close up views with Zuzana's tongue dipping inside Iris's vagina and then sucking on her lips. Then with Iris in doggy position Zuzana eats out her ass hole while rubbing her pussy with her hand. Towards the end the mood changes a little as Zuzana dangles her boob in Iris's ass crack with the nipple right in her anus. The last views are really nice with Iris lying on her front, legs open while Zuzana thoroughly tongues her anus.

I'm Stuffed Thanks. ITC Favorite 5:43

Zuzana gradually works her fingers up into Iris's pussy until she ends up with her entire hand buried up to the wrist inside her vagina. It's not just a brief in and out as she really works her hand into her pussy with lots of thrusting and she even licks her ass hole at the same time. Unfortunately Zuzana could not also be on the receiving end of this same treatment because of the wrong time of the month but what action there is here is very compelling.

More Lez the Same. 17:33

This is quite similar to the first clip but with Zuzana now on the receiving end. Iris is certainly not shy about getting her face mashed into Zuzana's pussy as she eats her out. Half way through Zuzana flips over onto her front to get her ass eaten out. There's nice close up view in her ass crack with Iris's tongue flicking and wagging in her anus. With the addition of fingers frigging her pussy the action builds to a climax at the end. They share a friendly embrace to end the clip.

Laughter Ass Off. ITC Favorite 3:42

This is a very humorous outtake we separated from the first clip due to it's entirely different mood. Zuzana tickles and nibbles on Iris's feet making her laugh hysterically. Almost certainly you've never heard a girl laugh quite like this before.