1776 Alexis Crystal

1777 Tiffany Tatum

1778 Baby Nicols

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Lemme Ass you Some Thin. 11:52

Tiffany strips from a white full lingerie set in this bedroom scene. Admittedly she is a little too skinny for our preferences but she does have a few good angles, particularly if she is standing right over your face.

Nap O'Lean Bony Part. 14:29

Tiffany is now all nude except for the garter and stockings. She finds a few really good poses that work well for her and does some excellent pussy spreading. She is at her best when she is squatting on your face with her vagina gaping open. She is quite entertaining in the crabwalk position with her pussy undulating back and forth and swaying into your face.

A Crewed Device. 11:50

Perhaps the reflective brass vibrator might not have been the best choice of toy introducing some minor distractions. That aside, she has a nice grind against the toy with some clear reactions and shuddering motions.