1347 Amara Romani

1348 Jade Jantzen

1349 Demi Lopez

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Shades of Jade. 18:29

Jade’s green jean shorts play a prominent role in this strip tease video with butt cheeks often spilling out as she tugs up on the shorts. When the shorts come off she reveals a nice green pair of panties and thus begins a second phase of butt tease with the panties being the primary object of our attention. She reveals some of her best form while lying back with her legs straight up and together with nice curves around her butt and crotch area. Towards the end she lowers her panties while lying on her front giving a quite graphic introduction to her bare spread ass crack.

Watch up with that? 10:06

With Jade now fully naked other than her shoes we spend some time just admiring her bare pussy and ass with all manner of explicit up the ass views. She spends a good amount of time either standing or squatting with her ass hovering over your face. Then lying on her front she spreads her legs and thrusts her ass up giving a very well exposed view up her butt while lightly touching her bare bottom. Finally she does some excellent spreading while lying on her side showing off her undercarriage beautifully.

Jade Jams in. 12:07

Lying on her side Jade has a nice little fiddle with her ass hole using one finger before progressing on to a ball with a tail string. She pops it in and pulls it out several times showing her anus in action. The toy is more decorative than functional with the action being more for display without any real masturbation.

Good Vibrations. 7:03

Jade uses the body wand to rattle her pussy to a climax. Distinct moments of orgasm are not entirely obvious but there is still plenty of genuine reaction to the toy. You can see her expression tense up and her anus almost continually flexes in and out as she reacts to the vibrations. Her position with her ass hanging out off the edge of the couch exposes her entire pussy and ass area beautifully.