1307 Maya Bijou

1308 Vanessa Veracruz

1309 Jenna Sativa

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Veracruz Vain. 7:24

Vanessa poses on the balcony against some pretty strong reflected light. Her jean shorts are the main attraction of this strip tease clip with several close up views with the shorts hiked up high on her ass.

How in Bare Assing. 6:33

With the shorts now gone Vanessa rocks the bottomless look while wearing only a see through mesh top. There’s plenty of really nice bend over posing with her fabulous undercarriage spread in your face. She’s got quite a unique and beautiful underside that is nicely displayed here.

Ice Melt That. ITC Favorite 9:04

The large tubular ice cubes come in quite handy in this hot and humid tropical location as she melts them all over her pussy and ass. They melt surprising fast with steams of water literally pouring off her ass. half way through she turns to the bend over position showing off some beautiful ass crack views while melting cubes all over her ass. Her bouncy little twerk is quit intoxicating during a short break from melting ice cubes.

The Golden Power Hour. 7:07

Vanessa uses a vibrator to tease her pussy to a climax while leaning back in the chair. With her legs pinned well back her pussy and ass are well exposed with beautiful round curves bulging out in your face. She later drops her feet to the floor squatting with her ass hanging in mid air. You can see a tiny drip of creamy pussy juice oozing from her vagina towards the end. The light becomes increasingly golden during this video as the sun gets lower to the horizon.