1304 Aaliyah Love & Cleo Vixen

1305 Kira Noir

1306 Chloe Lane

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

There's no "R" in Blue. 7:54

Kira’s moves are virtually as smooth as butter as she glides around the room showing off her sleek form. Her bright blue bra and panty set are quite skimpy showing almost everything while hiding the crack.

Chocolate Thins. 10:42

Now fully naked except for the shoes and choker Kira spends quite a lot of time hovering over your face giving you the naughtiest view up her bottom end. After the initial standing poses she moves onto the couch and squirms around in various lying and bend over poses. Perhaps the best bit comes in the latter half as she squats kneeling backwards directly over your face. The position gets her knees really wide open offering a very revealing view straight up her ass.

Clear Noir. 8:14

Kira has a go at fucking herself with a glass dildo while lying on the bed. It becomes increasingly more appealing as it progresses as she gradually juices up and has nice goopy pussy by the end.

She Anal That. 9:26

She now fucks herself in the ass with the glass dildo while lying on her side. There’s also a pretty decent bend over segment before she returns to the original position. She holds nothing back in fucking her ass with gusto with the not so small dildo. At the end she uses just her fingers and gets three of them pretty deep up her ass.

3D. 3D info 12:44

This 3D format video has content similar to the first 2 clips above.