1281 Amara Romani

1282 Misty Lovelace

1283 Makenna Blue

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

I Misty Cutoff. 10:24

Misty is pretty flirty with her rather exaggerated expressions throughout this video. Her cutoff jean shorts are seriously frayed and substantially short on her ass allowing her big butt cheeks to spill out. She spends most of this clip teasing in her jean shorts and bouncing her ass around in them. In the latter portions she goes bottomless for a while before lifting her top up over her boobs to reveal the full package.

It's a Misty to me. 12:01

This is all nude posing with obvious attention to her bottom end most of the time. She has a few skin imperfections on her ass and thighs but you tend to overlook those considering her otherwise obvious charms. She spends most of the time down on the tile floor rolling around in various revealing positions.

Make a Glass Dink Impression. 10:28

Misty uses a clear glass dildo while lying down on the tile floor. Her moaning is fairly unique coming out somewhere between a squeak and a giggle more than a moan. For quite a while she jacks her ass up and hangs it in your face while she continues fucking herself. There’s some pretty nice pussy spreading at the end of this clip.

Flirty Parade. ITC Favorite 11:57

This walking video shows Misty at her best, being flirty and moving her voluptuous curves around in full wiggle from end to end on the balcony. She has her jean shorts and top back on in the first half of this and then she gets naked and continues parading around. You’ll love the way she half peels her shorts down but continues wearing them wide open while still walking around.

3D. 3D info 9:25

This is a condensed version of the first 2 clips with relatively similar content in 3D format.