1277 Elizabeth Jolie

1278 Iggy Amore

1279 Candice Dare

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Show Ass Amore. 13:39

Iggy’s short form fitting skirt could be street worthy but you soon get the hint that she is wearing no panties underneath with teasing little glimpses. Then four minutes in she pulls her skirt up over her ass and it’s mostly all bare pussy and ass ogling after that. She’s got some pretty thick curves with very pale skin and pink holes in the depths of her crack. Most notable are her poses lying on her side with her big ass curves spread wide and thrust in your face.

Gettin' Iggy with it. 15:37

Iggy leans back on the chair and proceeds to fuck herself with a big rubber dildo. There’s some pretty nice gaping vagina shots whenever she pulls the toy all the way out of her pussy. Half way through she switches to a small vibrator to finish the job off. Her action and enthusiasm with the small vibrator is very much understated but genuine. She just rests it lightly against her clitoris which appears to work for her as she eventually comes to a quiet but apparently real orgasm with obvious muscle contractions. She continues using the small vibrator for several minutes after, perhaps having another quiet orgasm and developing a little wet puddle in the slot of her vagina. In the last few minutes she just spreads her vagina open using a couple of finger while we get some very pink close up shots.

Scene 2

Whites Amore. 5:10

Iggy does a quick strip out of her white lacy one piece and then spends the rest of the clip showing off her bare assets. There’s some very nice butt spreading while lying on her front on the bed and some excellent bend over posing.

Metalic Ahh. 5:16

She now uses a small chrome vibrator to get herself to the point of an orgasm. Once again she is particularly quiet as she makes no attempt to put on a show but is obviously quite genuine as she concentrates on getting to a real orgasm.