1224 Antonia Sainz

1225 Kira Noir

1226 Aria Alexander

Shoot Location: La Quinta, California

Scene 1

Some Thin Strollin’. 17:13

This clip might be considered part walking video and part strip tease. It’s quite long and extensive using the full length of a very large living room to move around showing her curves in motion. She slowly walks back and forth with a very seductive sashay and some intense eye contact. We frequently follow close behind her ass watching the cheeks in motion as she walks from one side of the room to the other.

Noir's Arch. 16:49

Kira now stays in one place longer to just show off her naked underside with lots of bend over posing. Every once in a while she move from one side of the room to the other but mostly she just stays put and gets her pussy and ass in your face. She’s got a pretty tight ass but not so much that she can’t do a little twerk on the odd occasion. Near the end she takes to the floor and crawls around with her ass high in the air.

3D. 6:57

This is an abbreviated 3D version similar in content to the “Noir’s Arch” clip above.

This Chick’s got Glass. 5:28

Kira leans back in the big chair with her legs high and wide for this pussy fucking session using a decorative glass dildo. It’s a pretty quick session resulting in a little spew of creamy goo coming out of her pussy.

Glass Backwards. 8:25

She now moves on to a different glass dildo to fuck herself in the ass. Quite impressively she manages to bury the large end of the toy up her ass with it’s cone shape repeatedly going in and out of her asshole. The close up views are especially nice with excellent detail in the skin. Half of this is in the side position and the other half in the bend over position all giving great views up her ass and pussy area.