1187 Lola

1188 Vanessa Veracruz

1189 Anina Silk

Shoot Location: Russell, New Zealand

This is Vanessa at her absolute best looking totally hot and delivering a beautiful tease and display of her gorgeous assets. You’ll be hard pressed to find a prettier girl or a more beautiful pussy and ass.

Scene 1

Doing it in Sequins. ITC Favorite 16:17

Vanessa’s super short sequin dress makes for an amazing ass tease as her butt is right on the verge of peeking out under the hemline even when the dress is fully down at it’s full length. A low angle view easily gives away her panties under the dress. Her gorgeous ass is beautifully displayed as soon as the dress slides partway up over her cheeks. The ass tease is relentless both in the dress and panties and later with her panties down around her thighs.

Bare Bottom Babe. ITC Favorite 16:14

Vanessa continues her beautiful tease and display now completely naked from the waist down showing off her stunning lower half with the most beautiful and revealing posing. She looks amazing in every position, of which there are many. There’s one very close up segment inspecting her bum right in her ass crack. Her bend over posing and squatting over your face are to die for.

Frisky Business. ITC Favorite 18:57

Vanessa’s masturbation session is entirely just with fingers and no toys. Her pussy rubbing technique is in lengthwise strokes rather than in circular patterns as most girls would do. With this you can see her clitoris continually getting flicked under her fingers as she strokes back and forth. After a few different positions she ends up squatting on the floor leaning back against the couch with her ass beautifully displayed hanging and squirming in mid air. Her pussy rubbing becomes quite frisky and vigorous towards the climax with some very entertaining squirming motion involved. The scene ends with a little bit of anal fingering. It’s not particularly hard core with just shallow anal dabbling but it does provide some excellent close up views right in her beautiful ass crack.