1109 Lorena Garcia

1110 Vicki Chase & Sara Luvv

1111 Alyssa Reece

Shoot Location: Whangarei, New Zealand

Scene 1

Sara Vicki in the House? 9:51

This G/G video starts with a little 2 minute solo tease from each girl before they get busy with each other. You get to admire the lingerie for a short while without any heads in the way. Most notable is Vicki’s super smooth big ass and Sara’s big thick pussy lips as her crotchless panties let it all hang out. The girls then get a little frisky with each other admiring each other’s girlie places and having a few quick sniffs and licks without going totally lesbian just yet.

Luvv's Lickin' Pussy. 6:03

The girls move onto the furniture and Vicki bends over presenting her silky smooth ass and pussy to Sara for a little oral attention. It’s perhaps not as thorough as what is to follow but it is full on lesbian action with pussy and ass licking. After a quick feast on her ass hole Sara moves underneath to suck on Vicki’s pussy leaving a well exposed ass for you to gaze upon as she gets eaten out.

Chase the Luvv. ITC Favorite 11:43

Now Sara turns her ass to Vicki and she gets totally eaten out while still wearing her crotchless panties. The clip starts out ordinarily enough but very soon becomes a clinic on how to eat ass like a pro. We get some amazing close up views in Sara’s ass crack with Vicki slobbering and slurping right in her ass crack and worshipping her anus. After initially lying on her front with the legs open Sara then gets up in a doggy style pose while still receiving lots of pussy and ass attention. Vicki takes a few moments pulled back out of the way allowing for some excellent well exposed pussy and ass views and then resumes chowing down on her ass hole with a passion. There’s also a fair amount of pussy licking and rubbing and lots of slobber throughout but always returning to the most beautiful rendition of ass eating.

Luvv the Chase. ITC Favorite 10:13

The action reverses once again with Vicki getting thoroughly eaten out both front and back. Sara does an outstanding job of eating pussy culminating in what appears to be a genuine orgasm for Vicki. Vicki then turns onto her front for a beautiful ass worship session. She has got surely the smoothest most flawless ass on the site and it doesn’t hurt that Sara has her tongue buried right up her ass crack and all over her anus through most of it. Towards the end Sara gets her face totally buried up Vicki’s ass for some more forceful ass worship. You’ll love the way Vicki spreads her butt and then lets it go in Sara’s face giving her the most awesome face slap one could wish for.

Get Sucked Under. 4:49

Sara gets one final encore of pussy eating as she squats high over Vicki’s face bending over giving you a great view up her ass while she gets eaten out. She literally humps Vicki’s tongue with the tongue sliding up and down through the length of her pussy slit.

Rubbin' Cunts. 3:10

There’s a brief session of tribbing to end the lesbian action. The scissors position tends to hide a lot of the pussy and ass though you might find it quite erotic and interesting. The final shot is rather dreamlike with the overexposed background as the girls walk to the open door showing their bums side by side.

Scene 2

Two Pees in a Pod. ITC Favorite 2:46

There’s two solo pee scenes in this clip with each girl taking her turn to pee at the hammock down the hill. Both girl’s pee is unique and interesting in their own special way. Vicki strikes a pretty amazing pose lying back on the hammock with her legs in the full splits position and peeing almost straight up. Her pussy and ass are extremely well exposed in this position and she manages to pee in a few stops and starts with very pronounced muscle flexing. It’s a pose that most girls simply could not pee in or even get into and we are rewarded with a pretty awesome view of beautiful girlie bits in action. Sara’s pee is in the exact same place but squatting more upright and leaning back against the hammock with the legs spread. Her pee is about the thickest stream you have ever seen with a virtual river coming out of her pussy. Sara’s position is not as spectacular as Vicki’s but she does show a little more personality with some talking and then wiping her pussy and ass before she runs up the hill.