1099 Candybelle

1100 Sara Luvv

1101 Antonia Sainz

Shoot Location: Mangonui, New Zealand

This set might be as much about the awesome location as it is about the beautiful girl. It’s hard to imagine another place in the world where you might get such a large private beach and unspoiled vista with not a single neighbour for miles without paying a stupid price. In this footage Sara has a noticeable sun burn and tan line from shooting set #1063 which was shot two days earlier.

Scene 1

I Luvv View. ITC Favorite 27:59

The scene starts out with a little jean shorts tease followed by lots of panty tease. You get a little hint of the huge lips that bulge under the panty crotch and then she pulls the panties aside revealing perhaps her best asset. More than half of this clip has full bottomless nudity allowing plenty of time to soak in her bare pussy and ass. There’s plenty of personality in this scene with genuine smiles and occasional goofiness. She has some klutzy moments taking off her top and walking around on top of the railing which we did not edit out for the sake of a little personality. We spend a good amount of time right up close in her fat pussy lips soaking in all the voluptuous vulva meat while she spreads and squeezes and manipulates the lips.

Rubber Decky. ITC Favorite 8:52

Now lounging on the deck chair Sara gets busy with a finger masturbation session. She starts lying on her back but the best part of this has her lying on her front with her legs open giving a great view up the ass while she frigs her pussy to a climax.

Babe out with the Bath Water. ITC Favorite 15:30

Bathtubs don’t come much more rustic than this. We couldn’t pass up the chance to shoot a scene with such hillbilly character as we don’t often see an outdoor bathtub at a beach. After showing off her wet naughty bits in the bath she also takes a shower and shampoos her hair. It’s quite evident that she had fun doing this scene as she wears a smile throughout most of the scene.

Sara ’n Dipity. 6:33

Sara goes down onto the beach for a quick frolic around in the sandy tide pool. She spends a fair amount of time crawling around in the tide pool and across the beach giving some very nice bend over ass views. Once again she she is obviously having a great time with a non stop smile and a sense of adventure. The scene both starts and ends with Sara running onto and off of the beach with boobs bouncing as she bounds across the beach.