1098 August Ames

1099 Candybelle

1100 Sara Luvv

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Condo Minimum. 10:47

Candybelle’s strip video starts out with a very nice little skirt tease. Her short skirt fits around her sleek curves beautifully and offers a teasing upskirt panty view from below. She gets bottomless before the top comes off. There’s plenty of cute smiles throughout this video with the teasing bit apparently being her forte.

She's Barely There. 16:50

Now completely naked this clip features lots of non stop pussy and ass in your face. She really has a beautiful near flawless underside with not a single hair in sight. Her pose kneeling with one knee up on the table gives a very revealing and exposed view of her pussy and ass. For a little while she stands over top of the camera doing a very nice slow squirm and dance with a bit of pussy and ass spreading. She ends up on the floor thrusting her ass in your face and spreading everything open. The more she spreads her pussy the more you begin to notice an addition bonus curiosity as her sponge begins to show.

Lame Down. 8:24

This is intended to be a masturbation clip though it is soon apparent that Candybelle is all eye candy and no action. Though the masturbation comes up a little lame she still looks great with lots more beautiful pussy and ass views throughout this clip. Through most of this she lies on the floor just lightly rubbing her clit area. There’s a chance there might actually be a real orgasm at the climax of this clip in spite of appearing not to be doing much.