1077 Ivana Sugar

1078 Suzie Carina

1079 Skin Diamond

Shoot Location: Zakynthos, Greece

Scene 1

Get Highly Waisted. 8:51

Suzie wears a rather unique pair of panties that give new meaning to the term high waisted. They’re more like a full body bathing suite that was cut off above the waist. With her ample bottom end curves granny panties have never looked so good.

Al Frisko. 10:49

This starts out as simple nude posing while lying on top of the al fresco dinning table. Through most of this there’s a little bit of light pussy rubbing but not enough to really call it masturbation. After she gets lying on her front with her legs open the action picks up and she eventually rubs her pussy to a modest climax with lots of twitching motion and a very nice view up her ass.

Worship the Dabble. 3:54

While still lying on her front with the legs open Suzie has a little dabble up her ass with one finger. We get a very nice close up view in her ass crack with late afternoon sun filling her nether regions.

Sun Dink going on. 7:09

Suzie uses a long purple rubber dildo to fuck herself while lying back on the table top. A small portion of this video has her squatting crab walk style with her butt hovering in mid air while she fucks herself. This scene was somewhat rushed to finish due to the disappearing sun on the set. By the end she is posing in the only sliver of sunlight remaining.

Suzie Walker. 4:59

Suzie shows off her curves in motion walking back and forth beside the pool on the shaded side of the house. The video end with a short blooper as an unexpected guest happily saunters through the set.