1056 Skin Diamond

1057 August Ames

1058 Carmen Caliente

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

This Wool be Short. 8:03

August’s wool dress is really as short as possible while still kind of covering her ass. The low angle rear view is especially revealing with the hemline continually riding up to give a little sneak peek at her ass cheeks hanging out the bottom. There’s also a little boob sneak peek and she pulls them out of the top of her dress for a quick wobble around.

Ogle Knockers. 8:35

August has got a pretty impressive set of boobs that get our full attention throughout this entire clip. She spends quite a bit of time bending forward allowing her boobs to dangle freely. The underside shot is pretty awesome with one hand brushing over the dangling boobs making them wobble around beautifully. The last minute has her panties also removed for some beautiful full body nude shots.

You Bedder Shape up. ITC Favorite 18:07

This is all nude posing beginning with a standing rear view and some revealing low angle views up the spread pussy and ass. She then moves onto the bed displaying a fantastic bend over pose. She has a few giggly bashful moments as she queefs and then continues showing off her gorgeous pussy and ass in several lying down positions. You get quite an amazing view up her butt as she lies on her front with her legs wide open. Near the end you see her squatting backwards on the edge of the bed and giving a great view straight up her pussy and ass while she spreads her pussy.

August Ames to Please. 13:00

August uses a heavy duty vibrator jammed hard against her clitoris to bring on a real orgasm. Her bend over pose is pretty awesome with her full undercarriage beautifully displayed. The way she holds the vibrator hardly obscures anything of her pussy allowing you to see virtually everything between her legs. While lying on her back she builds up a considerable amount of momentum with lots of bucking around and moaning as she cums. Apparently one orgasm wasn’t enough as she immediately starts again and builds up to one more orgasm. Afterwards you can see that her lips appear somewhat engorged from all of the action.

She Pries Hard. 3:58

August spends the last few minutes of her video just holding her pussy wide open. There’s a good mix of full body, medium distance and close up views all while she gapes her pussy. Usually she has her hands well back from her vagina so as to not obscure any of the view.