1046 Addison Avery

1047 Kalina Ryu

1048 Sabrisse

Shoot Location: Rancho Mirage, California

Scene 1

The Pool Kalina is here. 11:17

After some initial bikini posing beside the pool Kalina gets in the pool shoes and all. There’s lots of bending over and lying down on the shallow water platform in the pool as well as on the deck chair that sits in the middle of the water. The last couple of minutes is all nude posing.

I'll have an Ass of Water. 6:59

Kalina makes use of a large glass to repeatedly pour streams of water all down her body. There’s a lot of bend over posing with an off camera assistant showering her ass with streams all down her ass crack. She seems to enjoy the attention with a big smile and giggles throughout. She does a pretty awesome pussy and ass spread while bending over with her ass thrust out in your face.

That was Friggin Fast. 13:10

Kalina uses a glass dildo to fuck herself while vigorously rubbing her clitoris with her other hand. This may be some of the most aggressive and enthusiastic masturbation we have ever shot with her hands moving at lightning speed. At times she is so forceful it is as if she is trying to expel all of her energy in one big pussy grinding frenzy. This kind of action is not continuous but it does come and go in spurts. She has a little interlude of pussy gaping with four fingers prying her vagina open quite wide. She ends up lying back in the water to cool off while sticking her butt up in your face.

Ditz Dip. 4:20

Kalina takes a swim in the pool, all the while still wearing her high heel shoes. She is so giddy with excitement she cannot stop giggling and chattering, though most of it is unintelligible.