1044 Staci Carr

1045 Chloe Amour

1046 Addison Avery

Shoot Location: Dominical, Costa Rica

Scene 1

Costa la Rica Baby. 12:32

After a little bit of posing in her bikini beside the pool Chloe gets in the pool. The shallow ledge in the edge of the pool becomes her platform for the remainder of the video with the perfect depth to display her assets half out of the water. She spends quite a bit of time sprinkling water down her front with plenty of attention paid to her very perky little boobs. There’s a brief bit of bottomless nudity at the end with a nice bend over pose.

Skinny Dip. 15:02

This is all nude posing with virtually all of it on the shallow shelf in the pool. There’s a number of beautiful close up shots with water dribbling over glistening feminine body parts. Perhaps the best part of this is the low angle view up her butt crack as she stands squeezing the water out of her hair to dribble all down her ass crack and drip off her pussy lips. Poses lying on her side are also very nice with the pussy and ass thrust well out in the open. There’s several minutes of footage with a water drop on the lens though it is still an excellent clip in spite of this.

Ledge go Crazy. 9:46

Chloe uses a little pocket rocket vibrator while lying on her back in the shallow water. She gets quite animated as the action progresses with her hand quivering around at high speed. There is no insertion involved in this but lots of clitoral stimulation as she frantically flicks the vibrator around on her most sensitive spot. There are also several other positions including bending over over, lying on her side and even sitting up but she generally returns to lying on her back for most of the action.