998 Eileen Sue

999 Cindy Starfall

1000 Lexa

Shoot Location: Palm Springs, California

Scene 1

A Cream Asian Service. ITC Favorite 19:26

Cindy looks really good in a classy pair of glasses and a short white skirt. We get a really nice upskirt tease and her bend over posing is quite tantalizing showing off her beautiful ass. She is certainly charming with her cute Asian face and engaging personality. She soon pulls her panties aside and digs her fingers in her pussy. You will be shocked at how much creamy juice instantly spews out of her vagina when she pulls her fingers out of her pussy. It may look planted but we can assure you this is entirely natural with Cindy. She is just an unusual freak of nature with unique anatomy for creating large quantities of white pussy goo when she gets horny. It seems that her pre-shoot flirting primed her for this and it all spews out the first instant that her pussy opens up, though there doesn’t appear to be more coming later in the clip. She teases you with her sticky goo plastered all over her fingers and then turns around to give you a beautiful bend over pose with her gorgeous pussy and ass well out in the open. After a little finger masturbation session she gets down on the floor and sits in her big puddle of pussy juice. Her ass looks amazing hanging in mid air with a white patch of goo plastered on her ass cheek. At the end we see her bending over and wiping her ass with a wet wipe. There’s plenty of talking throughout this video, especially at the end when she starts talking about her wet pussy.

Boom Boom Banter. ITC Favorite 17:27

Sometimes the best stuff happens off camera so with that in mind we just let the camera roll with one member of the crew off camera chatting her up. This brings out some pretty entertaining dialogue from her as she talks about her homeland. There’s some occasional open leg posing while she talks, however the main attraction here is Cindy’s sparkling personality, charming smile and funny commentary.

I Toe'd you so. 2:17

This is a short diversion specifically for the foot fetishists. Cindy continues with lots of verbal commentary as she shows off her toes and poses with her feet in the air.

Dabble your Pleasure. 5:46

Cindy never does anal scenes but that doesn’t stop her from having a little dabble up her ass hole with her fingers for us. Her pose lying on her side gets her gorgeous ass well out in the open. She later turns onto her front with one leg pulled forward giving another excellent view up her ass while she sticks a finger up her ass.

A Marble Ass Pee Scene. 1:48

Cindy does a quick pee pee dance before getting down on the floor to pee. She gets quite a decent fountain going with a thick arch of pee going fairly high in the air. Once again there’s lots of talking throughout this clip.