984 Carol Luna

985 Lauren Crist

986 AJ Applegate

Shoot Location: Zakynthos, Greece

Scene 1

She Blue me Away. ITC Favorite 20:33

Lauren looks amazing in her short blue dress with her panties showing between her discreetly positioned legs. You’ll have a hard time looking away from her lap with her curvy hips, beautiful thighs and teasing panty views enticing you. She then moves to stand in front of the large mirror giving a double view of her profile while teasing with more excellent up skirt views in both the front and back side. In the second half she moves onto the bed and poses with her dress pulled up over her ass before taking it off completely. Then begins a substantial segment of panty teasing with the panties getting tugged up in her lips and sometimes pulled aside.

I Nudist was a Lie. 5:17

Lauren is now completely naked except for the shoes and she proceeds to just show off her bare pussy and ass with several revealing positions.

Therein lies the Rub. 7:15

Lauren’s position lying on her back at the beginning of this finger masturbation scene is quite fantastic as she keeps her legs up and together showing a beautiful big curve around her ass with her pussy bulging out in the middle. She also has positions lying on her side and on her front with lots of bare crack exposure throughout. There is no climax to this action as it is mostly just a warm up for the toy in the following clip.

I Cunt Dink Clearly. 12:22

Now with the dildo in hand Lauren repeats the legs up position just as in the previous clip with her knees up to her chin and her big ass curves bulging prominently to fill your screen while she fucks herself. In the second half she hangs her ass right off the edge of the bed with her feet on the floor giving a beautiful view of her butt in mid air while fucking her pussy.